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Admin & Secretariat Services

We have a team of experienced and hard-working staff that tends to day-to-day estate operations. This includes the drafting and provision of billings, and the collection of usage fees and service charges.

Our team also renders assistance in facilities booking, and attends promptly to the needs of the residents. Apart from this, the team also helps to;

  • Organise and Conduct Meetings
  • (e.g. Annual General Meetings & Council Meetings)
  • Prepare and Serve Notices (Including Notice of Meetings, etc.)
  • Prepare and Distribute Minutes of Meetings
  • Attend to Correspondences
  • Implement Decisions of the Management Corporation and Council
  • Enforce By-Laws relating to Common Property, etc.
  • Assist with Dispute Resolutions

Accounting Services

Our team of qualified and experienced accounting personnel assists with the proper and detailed upkeep of accounting records and arrears management. We also assist with the preparation of financial statements, as well as the accounts for audit purposes.

Below is a list of accounting services Rhodo provides:

  • Collection of Management Fund, Sinking Fund, and Receipts
  • Processing of Payment of Accounts and Other Expenses
  • Maintenance of Accounts
  • Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Preparation of Accounts for Audit Purposes

Building M&E Services

Working closely with the Administrative Team, our team of knowledgeable and experienced M&E staff will readily provide their assistance for the following;

  • Sourcing of Quotations for Repairs & Replacement Works
  • Liaising with Contractors & Service Providers Engaged
  • Provision of Technical Assistance and Maintenance for Common Areas
  • Supervision of Maintenance & Repair Works

Facilities Management

Rhodo is committed to cost-effective and efficient facilities management services for the following types of estate and property;

  • Private Condominiums
  • Liaising with Contractors & Service Providers Engaged
  • Provision of Technical Assistance and Maintenance for Common Areas
  • Supervision of Maintenance & Repair Works
  • Retail/Mall Facilities Care
  • Industrial & Commercial Properties
  • Mixed Developments
  • Budget Hotel/Hotel Housekeeping
  • Private Terrace Home Owners’ Management Care
  • School/Campus Compounds
  • Kindergarten/Playground Premises
  • Private Building Owner


Within weeks onboard, Rhodo re-assed the R&R works and detailed the principle & construction practice… and clear the doubts and mis-concept of the required contract works to the MC team…I extend our appreciation and respect for Rhodo EM to take on challenges and managing the estate back to its feet…

Mr. Joseph Kwan


There were quick responses by the staff from Rhodo during after office hours and days off work…

It is without a doubt that we felt Rhodo team members and its hands on working attitude deserving of a mention…

Mr. Chow Kheng Yong


“We found Rhodo’s proficiency in many areas that our estate is lacking in the past. The area we are especially satisfied are:

1. M&E Service
Rhodo team are quite professional in building aspect. Since coming onboard, the advice and recommendation has helped improve our estate quality substantially.

2. Hands-on Service
Issues like power breakdown are common happenings in any estates. Their staff has the ability to tackle such small issue on the spot. It also saves us unnecessary thrid party contractor expenses. 

3. Legal & Authority Services
Rhodo’s team gives sound advices and understands many of the legal issues that gives us peace of mind. 

4. Accounting Services
Rhodo has good supporting team that manages the financial aspect adequately. Probably the biggest assets of Rhodo in my opinions is; they have different expertise in each of the field of services.”

Mr. Richard Phua


“If you require a Managing Agent with a good back office support that would help you ensure that your estate’s account are in proper order and costs categorised properly, Rhodo has done a good job in helping us in this space. 

if you need an experienced Managing Agent that has dealth with developer defects and who can help you identiy such defects (subject to getting a PE to validate and confirm), Rhodo has helped us in this space on numerous cases that involved extensive documentation. 

Rhodo has the needed experience from other estates and a reasonable set of contractors whose prices are not too far fetched to help you resolve the ongoing run and maintain your estate. 

When we were looking for a strong managing agent that is reasonably priced, we were impressed with Mr Neo’s insights into the problems of our estate, both from construction and maintenance standpoints. Some of these issues were relating to our sewage and drainage were soon after addressed in a methodical manner and we did not incur significant or unnecessary costs.”

Mr. Jonathan Filmer


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